What Can I Power With a PDH Power Hub? 

By: arkcorporation.com Date: 31 January 2024

For many campers, the line between camping and glamping has begun to blur, and here at Ark, we’re all for that! 

We strongly believe that camping is even better when you can bring the creature comforts of home along with you. That’s why we developed the XO Power Distribution Hub, to allow you to power and monitor all your devices without taking away from your camping experience.

So, what exactly can you use a power hub for? In this guide, we break down the multiple uses and extensive benefits of these powerhouses.

The XO Power Distribution Hub: Enhancing Camping Comfort

The XO Power Distribution Hub is more than just a device; it’s a philosophy. Our goal is to empower campers to enjoy the convenience of modern technology without compromising the essence of camping. 

The PDH is designed to seamlessly integrate into your camping setup, providing a centralised and efficient power distribution system.

As the 2022 Global Media Award winner at the 2022 SEMA show, the XO PDH has more than proven its precision quality and unmatched reliability – but don’t take it from us. Let’s look at a customer’s experience with the PDH.

James’ PDH Setup: A Customer Perspective

Let’s take a look at how James, one of our satisfied customers, maximises the potential of the PDH in his camping adventures. 

With a standard setup using a Lithium 100aH battery, James has found the PDH to be a game-changer in these camping comfort areas:

Water Pump Switch

Useful for showers, washing dishes, and even rinsing the car when necessary.

Rooftent Power

The PDH powers into the rooftent, providing further flexibility. This power can be used to run additional lights or charge devices while sleeping.

Light Switches

Separate switches for interior and exterior lights. Controlling these through the app ensures the camp is well-lit without the need to get up.

Cigarette Socket

Used to create a charger hub, running phone and device chargers while stationary.

Close up of the Ark XO Power Distribution Hub

Additional Applications of the PDH

While James has a comprehensive setup, the PDH offers even more possibilities for enhancing your camping experience. If you’re still asking ‘what can I power with a PDH power hub?’ then we’ve got a few more essentials just for you:

Inverter Trigger Switch

Allocate a switch to trigger your inverter. Adding an inverter to your setup may allow you to run induction cooktops, charge power tools, or anything with a standard 240v house plug.

TV Switch

Link your 12V TV to a switch and power it on from your phone for convenient entertainment.

Air Compressor Switch

Connect a switch to your air compressor, allowing you to pump tyres using the off switch from your phone.

Fridge Switch

Allocate a switch to your fridge, eliminating the need to draw power continuously. This feature enables you to power the fridge only when necessary, especially during travel.

Portable Camp Kitchen

Power your way to delicious home-cooked meals on your off-road adventure with the PDH. Use it to power the ultimate portable camp kitchen complete with stoves, microwaves, and even mini ovens.

Power Your Adventures the Smart Way

The XO Power Distribution Hub is a versatile solution that goes beyond traditional camping setups. It empowers campers to bring the comforts of home to their outdoor adventures without compromising the essence of camping. 

James’ setup is just one example of how the PDH can be customised to suit individual needs, and we hope you got a bit of inspiration from his success story. Plus, check out our canopy setup ideas for tips on how and where to mount your power distribution box.

At Ark, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions for modern camping and 4×4 needs. The XO Power Distribution Hub is a testament to our dedication to enhancing the camping experience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your camping adventures with Ark’s XO Power Distribution Hub – where modern convenience meets the great outdoors.Looking for more portable power options for your next 4×4 trip? Check out our ultimate guide to portable power!