How to Install ARK’s XO Series Corner Steady

By: Date: 01 June 2022

Whether you’re a Caravan or a Camper Trailer owner, a corner steady is a must have bit of kit for your trailer. Check out the video to see how the experts at ARK install their XO Series Drop Down Corner Steady on their off-road trailer and read on to learn more about why these corner steadies are the ultimate stabilisation option for your trailer.

The XO Series Difference

In a nutshell, a corner steady is a stabiliser that is used to level a trailer at a campsite. ARK’s XO Series Corner Steady takes this concept even further by doubling as a jack that can be used to assist in tyre changes, or when recovering your trailer if things don’t quite go according to plan off-road. ARK’s XO Series Corner Steadies utilise a stronger 19mm hex drive that can be used with the corner steady winding handles, as well as a wheel brace or impact driver. It can also be used with a high-lift jack base to give you a wider footprint for better stablisation when off-road or on soft ground. 

Available in both 650mm and 850mm variants, and with a 875kg weight rating in the 90 degree position, these corner steadies are built to withstand everything the harsh Aussie environment can throw at them!

Step by Step: How To Install

  1. If you’re installing a corner steady for the first time, you’ll need to weld the mounting brackets to your trailer’s chassis. If you’re handy with a welder, this is something you can do yourself. If not, there are many fabricators all over the country that can do this job for you. If you’re retrofitting corner steadies to existing industry standard brackets (utilising 8mm bolts and 78mm centres), then you’re in luck – the XO Series Corner Steadies can easily be installed with no welding.
  2. Using either a socket and spanner or an impact driver, undo the two nuts and bolts from your old corner steady, and remove the old unit.
  3. Ensuring the winder and handles are pointing outwards, lift the XO Series Corner Steady into place and replace the nuts and bolts.
  4. Pull out the release handle and place the corner steady in its travel position to ensure there’s clearance.
  5. Repeat the process on the other corners, and you’re all done!
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Safety Considerations

Firstly, if you’re welding the brackets on yourself, you’ll want to ensure that you know exactly what you’re doing. If the brackets aren’t properly welded on to the chassis, there is a possibility that the corner steady could give way which could cause you all sorts of problems if you’re travelling in a remote area.

Secondly, it is important to note that whenever you’re using the jacking function of the XO Series Corner Steady, it should only ever be done in a 90 degree position. Ensure all supplied instructions are followed correctly – by failing to jack your trailer in the correct manner, you could be causing serious damage to the chassis. 

Lastly, when using the jacking function, make sure you don’t have any part of your body under the trailer while it’s being supported by the jacks only!

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