The Best 12V Control Box for Canopy Setups

By: Date: 30 March 2024

Embark on a journey to enhance your canopy setup with the Ark XO Power Distribution Hub (PDH). Designed to redefine the camping experience, this compact, user-friendly, and budget-friendly 12V control box stands out as the top choice for adventurers seeking a high-tech campsite without breaking the bank.

So, what’s all the fuss about the XO Hub, and what are some awesome 12V canopy setup options to enhance your next off-road adventure? 

Key Features of the XO PDH

Compact and Easy to Install

The XO Power Distribution Hub’s compact design ensures a seamless integration into your canopy setup, promising easy installation without compromising valuable space. We’re positive that this control box will become your new off-road best friend thanks to its unobtrusive yet powerful addition to any touring rig.

Super User-Friendly

Experience the user-friendly interface of the XO PDH. Its intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to operate, from setup to daily use. Ark’s commitment to user experience shines through, ensuring accessibility for all.

Easy-to-Read Display for Device Monitoring

Stay in control of all your devices with the XO PDH’s easy-to-read display. Explore how monitoring and managing your powered devices become a breeze, enhancing your camping experience with real-time insights.

Budget-Friendly Innovation

The XO PDH provides a high-tech campsite experience without breaking the bank. Ark’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions at an affordable price point makes the XO PDH a standout choice for budget-conscious adventurers.

Complete Power for Your Adventures

The best part about our 12V control boxes is that they provide tonnes of power to a wide range of devices for the ultimate camping or 4×4 experience. From water pumps and light switches to TVs, fridges, and lights, there’s no shortage of what the XO Hub can control for your comfort.

Canopy Setup Ideas with the XO PDH

Toyota hilux with tub canopy set up

Wall Mounting for Space Optimisation

Discover the versatility of wall mounting the XO PDH in your ute or 4×4 canopy. This is a popular option for a lot of campers as it allows you to keep the control box out of the way, minimising encroachment on usable space. 

Complete Control from Your Phone

Unlock the full potential of the XO PDH by controlling it from your phone. With the Ark Smart Hub App, you can remotely control your 12V box from your device while it’s unseen or tucked away for convenience. 

Plug & Play Outputs for Flexibility

This advanced and flexible feature allows you to switch between powered devices effortlessly. Whether it’s powering tools during the week or keeping your beers cold on the weekend, the XO PDH adapts to your needs with unparalleled versatility.

Maximising Space: Creative Mounting Options for Your Canopy Setup

Automated Power Distribution Hub App

Elevate your canopy setup game by exploring various mounting options for the Ark XO Power Distribution Hub (PDH). These innovative solutions not only maximise usable space but also ensure easy accessibility, giving you the freedom to design a clutter-free and efficient camping haven.

Stealthy Wall Mounting

Discover the art of stealthy wall mounting, a technique that lets you tuck away 12V control boxes like the XO PDH discreetly while preserving valuable floor space. 

This method offers a clean aesthetic, allowing you to create a seamless integration within your touring rig.

Under-Seat Integration

Unleash the potential of the often-underutilised space beneath your seats. This method is ideal for those who prioritise easy access without compromising the sleek appearance of their canopy setup.

Toolbox Triumph

For the camping enthusiasts who boast a toolbox as part of their touring arsenal, integrating the XO PDH into this space becomes a game-changer. 

By securely mounting the control box within your toolbox, you’ve got a centralised control hub that complements your storage solutions seamlessly.

Overhead Efficiency

If overhead space is your canvas, consider exploring the possibilities of overhead mounting for the XO PDH. This option ensures that the control box remains easily accessible while freeing up precious floor space. 

Find Your Perfect Fit with Ark

Choosing the right mounting option for your XO PDH involves considering your unique canopy setup, preferences, and usage requirements. 

Whether you opt for stealthy wall mounting, utilise the space beneath your seats, integrate it into your toolbox, or explore overhead efficiency, the goal is to enhance your camping experience by maximising usable space and ensuring easy accessibility. 

Whichever canopy set-up you choose, the Ark XO PDH goes beyond being a mere control box. It’s a gateway to a smarter, more connected camping experience, offering features that extend far beyond its compact size. 

Elevate your adventure with the XO Power Distribution Hub and redefine the possibilities of your canopy setup!

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