Elevate Your Outdoor Experience: Benefits of a 12V Mini Power Box

By: arkcorporation.com Date: 29 February 2024

Want to transform your rugged 4WD into a comfortable tourer without compromising on a lightweight setup? Look no further than the Ark XO Power Distribution Hub, the pinnacle of 12V Mini Power Box technology. 

Compact enough to fit beneath your passenger seat yet powerful enough to fuel all your creature comforts reliably, bid farewell to relying on an old beat-up torch for light during your adventures!

Streamlined Installation with the Ark 12V Compact Control Box

We understand the reluctance to clutter your robust 4WD with a web of wires. Fear not! Our easy-install 12V compact control box is the solution. 

Wire up your battery to a supplied 50A Anderson Style Connector, mount your PDH, plug into the Anderson connector, and you’re set.

Plus, download and sync the Ark Smart Hub App to unlock the full potential of your 12V Mini Power Box effortlessly.

Off-Grid Adventures Await

Ark Corp 4x4 and trailer in the desert

Wondering why you should convert your formidable off-roader into a tourer? The answer is simple: to go off the grid! 

The most challenging tracks often lead to the most rewarding destinations, and a 12V mini control box is your ticket to extended off-grid exploration. 

With extensive power capabilities for a fridge, lighting, water tank monitoring, and more, it’s the foundation of the ultimate canopy setup.

Convenience Redefined: Control at Your Fingertips

One common query we hear is, “What’s the point of a 12V compact control box if I still have to access it?” With the XO PDH, we have the perfect solution. No need to access the unit physically! 

Mount it inconspicuously under your seat, behind your canopy wall, or inside your toolbox. Access real-time data and control switches effortlessly through the Ark Smart Hub app on your screen. Enjoy full control without compromising your vehicle’s aesthetics.

More Value: Unleashing the Full Potential of Your 12V Mini Power Box

Not convinced of the PDH’s full benefits yet? Discover even more ways to make the most of your 12V Mini Power Box:

  • Expandable Setups: Integrate your PDH into expandable setups and touring canopy setups for added versatility.
  • Smart Power Management: Utilise the Ark Smart Hub App to manage and monitor power consumption intelligently.
  • Community Insights: Connect with the Ark community to glean insights into innovative setups and usage tips.
  • Future-Ready Adaptability: Explore the potential for future upgrades and adapt your 12V Mini Power Box to evolving needs.

Speak To the Ark Team About Your Power Needs

Curious to learn more about elevating your adventures with a 12V mini control box? Explore the possibilities or speak to the experts at Ark Corporation. 

With over 45 years in the industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge to enhance your outdoor experiences. As a 100% Australian-owned and independent retailer, trust us to take your adventures to new heights.