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XO Series – Powerful and Reliable Solutions

Welcome to the world of extreme off-road excellence, where adventure knows no bounds. The XO Series from ARK Corporation stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering unmatched performance and reliability for off-road enthusiasts. Dive into a universe of rugged innovation and discover why the XO Series is your ultimate companion for conquering the toughest terrains in your off-road trailer, 4WD, or campervan.

Discover the Unstoppable Potential of the XO Series

When the journey takes you off the beaten path, you need equipment that can withstand the harshest conditions. The XO Series is engineered for extreme off-road adventures, where durability and performance are non-negotiable. From jockey wheels to winches and connectors, every product in this series is designed to meet the demands of the most daring expeditions.

Maintaining Your Jockey Wheel
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Your Off-Road Adventure Starts Here

Embark on your off-road odyssey with the confidence that comes from choosing ARK Corporation’s XO Series. Whether you’re towing an extreme off-road camper trailer or navigating treacherous terrain in your off-road caravan, our products are your reliable companions, ensuring you can go further and explore deeper into the wild.

Find Your Ideal XO Series Product

The XO Series offers a comprehensive range of products to cater to your specific off-road needs. Dive into our product lineup to discover the perfect solutions for your adventures:

Xo Series Jockey Wheels

Jockey Wheel

The XO Series Jockey Wheels are the foundation of 4×4 trail stability. They provide unmatched support for your trailer, making hitching and manoeuvring a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassles of uneven terrain with off-road jockey wheels that adapt to any landscape.

With our sophisticated jockey wheels, you can transform your off-roading experience thanks to:

  • Multiple height adjustment options
  • A range of yoke locking positions
  • A flexible trailing yoke design
  • 6 custom-built product variations to best suit your needs

Jockey Wheel Accessories

Elevate your jockey wheels with our range of XO Jockey Wheel Accessories. From swing-away brackets to wheel chocks, these additions ensure that your off-road jockey wheels perform at their best in any scenario.

XO Series Ratchet Jockey Wheels

Ratchet Jockey Wheels

When you demand precision control and unbeatable stability, our Ratchet Jockey Wheels rise to the occasion. Experience the ease of precise height adjustments, ensuring a level ride no matter the ruggedness of the trail.

Level up your 4WD adventure with the XO Ratchet Jockey Wheels’ superior features, including:

  • Extended ratchet arm for ease of use
  • Dual wheels with four movement functions
  • Heavy duty swivel clamp
  • You choice of two Ratchet Wheel types to suit your vehicle best
XO Series Winches

XO Series Winches

At ARK, we always swear by the importance of good-quality winches when traversing the outdoors. A durable winch can prove indispensable, and may often mean the difference between getting seriously bogged and continuing with your trip.

Conquer those tough obstacles and navigate extra challenging terrain effortlessly with our XO Series Winches. Engineered for extreme off-road situations and deep dogs, these off-road winches provide the power and reliability you need to overcome the toughest challenges.

XO Series Connectors

XO Series Connectors

Stay connected and powered up during your off-road adventures with our XO Series Connectors. From trailer lighting to device charging, our connectors ensure you’re never left in the dark, no matter how remote your journey is.

Choose from two Dual Power Trailer Socket designs, each with an essential Nite-lite and Reed switch.

Off-road Couplings

XO Series Couplings

Trust in the strength and durability of our XO Series Couplings. Whether you’re towing a camper trailer or a caravan, our off-road couplings ensure a secure connection that can handle the most demanding terrains.

Our off-road couplings are available in three weight-bearing variations:

XO Series Coupling Accessories

Enhance your towing experience with our off-road Coupling Accessories. From safety chains to heavy-duty lock nuts, these additions provide an extra layer of security for your off-road adventures.

Close up of the Ark XO Power Distribution Hub

XO Tech

Experience the future of off-road power management with XO Tech. The cutting-edge technology of our XO Tech Power Distribution Hub ensures efficient power distribution, keeping your devices charged and ready for action, even in the remotest locations.

Unlike any other 12V control box on the market, the XO PDH can control a range of devices in one compact, sleek design. Take advantage of its sophisticated features, including:

  • Wireless control via Bluetooth connection
  • 4 by 10A rated controllable relays
  • Output 50A rated Anderson style connector
  • 10A rated cigi socket and Engel socket
  • 15A rated Merit socket
  • Dual USB ports with 2.1A connections

Why Choose the XO Series for Your Off-road Adventures?

The question isn’t why you should choose the XO Series; it’s why wouldn’t you. ARK’s XO Series products are meticulously crafted to withstand extreme off-road conditions, providing peace of mind and unmatched performance.

When you choose the XO Series, you’re choosing reliability, durability, and the freedom to explore the most challenging terrains with confidence.

Join the ranks of off-road enthusiasts who trust ARK Corporation to take their adventures to the next level. Embrace the XO Series, and embark on off-road journeys that redefine what’s possible.

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