XO Coupling and Jockey Wheel

By: Gary Date: 05 May 2020

You’ve just spent months planning your trip and customizing your off-road camper to make it perfect for that long-awaited adventure. Everything from the fridge to the bed and even the lighting is just how you envisioned it.

The definition of perfection sits in front of you as you realize just how easy you have made things for yourself. But there’s one thing that you wish could be better, if only you didn’t have to swap out the tow hitch on your vehicle from your standard 50mm tow ball to a poly block bracket every time you want go on a trip. And knowing that a standard trailer coupling won’t be safe for the angles you sometimes find yourself on then what options are available?

Ark’s range of Xtreme Off-road couplings offer great flexibility with the “No switch, quick hitch” system. Utilize your 50mm tow ball for both standard and off-road towing applications without the need to switch your hitch. The unique safety latch system allows for easy use – just lift the safety latch and the coupling automatically locks over the tow ball, the red or green indicator will signal whether the coupling is locked on the tow ball and safe to tow. With full off0road articulation, the new XO couplings will make your next adventure safe, simple, and enjoyable.

The only other weak point on a trailer is the jockey wheel, there’s nothing more frustrating than bending or buckling a jockey wheel while out in the middle of a remote camp site and that’s where the XO series of jockey wheels come in with weight ratings of 500kg and 750kg these jockey wheels are built to take the harshest conditions.

The multiple different height adjustments can give you a huge 750mm of height, so you will easily be able to use this on the tallest of 4wds with out issue.

The dual wheel design helps with ease of movement giving you a larger rolling footprint to help roll over the uneven terrain, the yoke design of the wheel also ensures the wheel will follow which ever way it is pushed or pulled to ensure smooth rolling at all times.

‘’XO’’ doesn’t stand for ‘’Hugs and kisses’’ it means Xtreme Off-road and these products have earned that badge with rugged torture testing we put the items through in real life conditions.

ARK Corporations key to success is the long list of innovative products in its portfolio and believe the only way for future growth is through further innovations. Arks culture is innovation, imitation is left for the followers. With 40 years of experience Ark corporation only has bigger and better things to come. And to think it all started with the humble tow ball in 1978