Why this SEMA Award-winning Power Distribution Hub is a Game Changer

By: arkcorporation.com Date: 21 December 2022

Anyone who has even a casual familiarity with the automotive industry knows of the famous SEMA Show which is held annually in Las Vegas. It’s one of the world’s largest automotive trade shows that attracts almost 2500 car manufacturers and aftermarket parts suppliers from around the world.

So, it’s fair to say that winning an award at the SEMA Show is no small achievement. Well, we’re incredibly proud to announce that ARK has been named the 2022 Global Media Award winner at the 2022 SEMA show for our XO-Tech Power Distribution hub!


What is this award all about?

SEMA’s Global Media Award sees 23 judges from seven different countries review and evaluate a whopping 3000 product entries, and the award is presented to the products that the judges will appeal most to the customer base in their home country.

“Vehicle customization and personalization has been growing worldwide,” said Linda Spencer,

SEMA director of international and government relations. “The global automotive specialty-equipment market is made up of enthusiasts who are passionate about the hobby. This passion can be found not only throughout the United States but also in countless spots around the globe including in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Melbourne Australia, and Stockholm, Sweden.”

It goes without saying that we at ARK are absolutely blown away by winning this award. “We are extremely proud that the XO-Tech Power Distribution Hub emerged among thousands

as voted on by a panel of international judges,” said ARK’s founder and owner, Richard Arakelian.

What is the XO-Tech Power Distribution Hub?


About this award-winning product, Richard says “The Power Distribution Hub is unique and offers the user an innovative and cost-effective solution for a 12V electrical system for their camping setup.” Launched on the Australian market in 2022, the XO-TEch Power Distribution Hub is designed to be an innovative, compact, lightweight, and easy-to-install 12V system for 4WDs and other recreational vehicles. The concept of the PDH is to eliminate the need for bulky control boxes, rocker switches, and even fuse boxes.

Why the XO-Tech Power Distribution Hub is a Game Changer

Simply put, the XO-Tech Power Distribution Hub is unlike any other 12V control box on the market. The ultimate all-in-one power management system allows you to control all of your on-board devices, easily monitor your power consumption, protect your battery, and provides a huge range of outputs as well as Bluetooth connectivity for remote control and monitoring via your smartphone. Here are a few reasons why the PDH is a true game-changer:

1. Unlike any other 12V Control Box

Unlike any other 12V control box on the market, the PDH is packed full of technology and features in a compact and sleek design.

2. Saves Space

Because the PDH is just 267mm long by 192mm wide and 60mm deep, it’s compact enough to fit just about anywhere! The PDH is the ultimate solution to maximise available space and minimise the clutter in your camping 12V setup

3. Smart Camping

Because The PDH provides automation for your 12V camping setup and wireless operation through Bluetooth connectivity, you can use your smartphone to monitor your battery and switch devices on and off from the comfort of your camp chair. This also eliminates the need to install bulky rocker switches, which saves you even more space! The ARK Smart Hub also allows the pairing of multiple PDH devices to your smartphone which can be renamed individually, customise the names of your controllable outputs, change battery protection levels, and load battery data such as size and type.

4. Fully Protected Outlets Galore!

As well as the four 10A rated controllable relays, the PDH features a 50A output rated Anderson style connector, a 10A rated cigi socket, a 10A rated Engel socket, a 15A rated Merit socket, and a dual USB socket with 2.1A connections. And unlike other 12V control boxes, all PDH outputs are protected with internal self-resetting fuses and an electronically controlled main relay which are shown active from an array of LED indicators easily visible on the face of the unit. The PDH outputs are completely protected and no ongoing maintenance or replacement of fuses is required!

5. Easy Installation

All you need is a battery wired up to a 50A Anderson style connector with an inline fuse to install the Power Distribution Hub. Connect the battery to the input Anderson style connector and you’ve got yourself the ultimate 12V camping setup with added levels of automation and battery protection for your auxiliary battery!

6. Monitor your Batteries… and your Water Tank!

With the Power Distribution Hub, you can monitor battery voltage, current, power, and time to discharge – all in real-time. It also allows you to monitor total consumption including minimum and maximum voltage data, maximum current data, total watt hours, and used battery capacity in amp hours since last charge. All this information can be viewed on the scrolling OLED display directly on the unit or wirelessly through a smartphone. But here’s the really cool part: the PDH gives you the ability to monitor a single poly water tank. This provides you full control over your usage and the ability to monitor your water levels from the unit directly or wirelessly through a smartphone.


What makes ARK leaders in Portable Power?

ARK Corporation has 45 years of expertise in the areas of Portable Power as well as trailer and off-road accessories. As market leaders in these areas, all our products are engineered, designed, and tested in Australia’s vast and harshest conditions to ensure our range of innovative products meet and exceed the industry’s highest standards.