What to Consider When Buying a New Jockey Wheel

By: arkcorporation.com Date: 24 December 2022

The jockey wheel is one of the most important components of any trailer, and that is especially the case if you’re heading bush in a camper trailer or caravan. The thing is, not all jockey wheels are the same, and getting one that suits your specific needs is really important – after all, the last thing you want to ruin your trip away is a failing jockey wheel!

Here’s a look at some of the considerations you need to take into account when purchasing a new jockey wheel for your trailer.

Trailer Type

The biggest influencing factor to the type of jockey wheel you buy is the kind of trailer you’re buying it for. Obviously, a small single-axle boat trailer isn’t going to have the same needs as a large dual axle caravan. For example, a standard jockey wheel, such as the Ark Economic Jockey Wheel features a 250mm maximum height extension, a solid rubber tyre and is rated for up to 350kg making it perfect for lightweight towing. On the flipside, a 10” Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel is available in either fixed or swivel options and features a high 500kg load capacity and sealed bearings that protect the wheel in an off-road environment making it perfect for larger towing such as a big caravan.

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Where You’re Planning to Travel

Your destination, or wherever you plan to take your trailer is another contributing factor to the type of jockey wheel you purchase. For instance, if you’re planning to head off road, then a standard wheel just won’t do the trick. Instead you’ll want to consider purchasing an off-road specific jockey wheel. An off-road specific jockey wheel, such as Ark’s XO Series, are specifically designed to handle anything the Aussie bush can throw at it. They’re super tough, but they’re also highly versatile with multiple height options, a highly maneuverable trailing yoke design, different yoke locking positions and are available in many sizes, weight ratings and cover most of the styles mentioned above. Alternatively, a pneumatic jockey wheel, such as Ark’s 10″ Pneumatic Jockey Wheels, feature a large 10in inflatable tyre specially designed to cope with difficult ground conditions. That makes them great for off-road use and even towing and camping on sand or other soft sites.

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The Need to Maneuver Your Trailer

If maneuvering your trailer while it’s unhitched from your tow vehicle is something you need to do regularly, then this is another contributing factor to the type of jockey wheel you purchase. Your reasons for needing to maneuver your vehicle will vary. Maybe the location you store your trailer at home is difficult to get to, or the campsite you’re traveling to has limited maneuvering room. Either way, a jockey wheel suited to unhitched maneuvering is worth considering. Again, for off-road use Ark’s XO Series is a good option, as its trailing yoke design makes it highly maneuverable. Alternatively, a ratchet jockey wheel such as the Ark Ezi-Mover Ratchet Jockey Wheels is designed to easily maneuver trailers weighing up to 2 tonnes on an even surface with minimal effort. They’re easily operated by rotating the controls and feature four functions: forward, reverse, neutral and stop/lock.

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