Must-Have 4X4 Vehicle Recovery Parts

By: Date: 01 March 2022

Whether you’re hitting rugged tracks for a bit of challenging fun, or heading remote with a camper trailer in tow, the Aussie off-road lifestyle has become a part of our culture.

One of the key elements to an enjoyable, successful and safe 4X4 trip is being prepared for any situation. Knowing how to safely recover your 4X4 in the event of an incident is all part and parcel of the off-road experience, and having the kit and knowledge you need to recover your vehicle is paramount. Here’s a look at some of the recovery elements you need to consider when hitting the tracks.

Recovery Gear for Your 4X4

There’s a lot of different products on the market that are specifically designed to assist in recovering your 4WD if it gets into a situation where it becomes bogged or stuck. To prepare yourself for this, properly rated recovery points should be at the top of your list when you get started. Many people assume that the factory tow points that are fitted to your 4X4 are suitable for recovering your vehicle, but that is simply not the case and indeed using factory tow points (or worse – a tow ball!) can actually be very dangerous and has in the past actually led to fatalities. Perhaps the most versatile and easily fittable recovery point you can put on your vehicle is a Hitch Receiver Bracket and Shackle.

This bracket fits into your tow hitch, but is rated to 4.75 tonnes which means it’s ideal as a recovery point. This recovery point will allow another vehicle to use a snatch or recovery strap to pull you out of any bog hole or other sticky situation, or it’s an ideal point for another vehicle to use as a winch point.

must have 4x4 towing accessories

Recovery Gear for your Trailer

You might think that as long as you have the right recovery gear for your 4X4 that you should be right, even if you’re towing a trailer. The thing is, when you’re towing a trailer off-road, whether it’s a light camper trailer or a larger off-road caravan, you’re adding a whole extra vehicle that will need recovering due to increased overall vehicle length and weight. 

To safely get both your tow vehicle and trailer out of trouble, take a look at our recommended must-haves.. Firstly, an off-road jockey wheel such as Ark’s XO750 XO Series Jockey Wheel is worth its weight in gold in an emergency situation where you may need to consider unhitching your trailer to perform a recovery. This jockey wheel can be deployed when seriously stuck to remove the trailer from the vehicle allowing the vehicle to self-recover, reposition and then using the 750kg load rating of the jockey wheel to skull drag the trailer out of its own situation. And not only does it offer the ability to assist in a recovery situation, it’ll also make maneuvering your trailer around at camp easier than ever.

Another accessory that can assist greatly in a recovery situation is a corner steady jack such as Ark’s XO Corner Steadies. These allow you to both stabilize a corner of your camper trailer while at camp, as well as  jack the trailer up to execute a remote tyre change. Certainly handy on a rugged track if your trailer suffers a puncture or a tyre that has rolled off the bead.

recovery accessories for trailers

Speak to the team at Ark for all your Recovery Needs

Having the gear to recover your 4X4 and your trailer when bush is a hugely important part of heading off-road in Australia, and when it comes to getting off-road and exploring this magnificent country, Ark are the proven experts. They’ve been leaders in trailer parts, towing gear and 4WD accessories for over 40 years, are 100% Australian owned and independent.

Reach out to the team at Ark today to find out how they can help turn your camper trailer into the ultimate off-road home-away-from-home!