Differences Between Trailer Jockeys and Caravan Jockeys

By: arkcorporation.com Date: 12 October 2021

While a jockey wheel has a similar function, whether it’s on a small box trailer or a large, off-road caravan, the simple fact is that not all jockey wheels are created equal, and what works for one kind of trailer may not work for another. On one end of the spectrum, a small box trailer will be used periodically for carting a few hundred kilos of load at most. On the other end of the spectrum, a large off-road caravan that’s fully loaded for an extended trip around the country could weigh anywhere from two to three tonnes. The simple fact being that you’re not going to be able to use the same jockey wheel on these two different trailers.

Considerations for Smaller Trailers

A smaller box trailer will predominantly be used on solid surfaces, and if you are not going places where it’s going to be subjected to rugged terrain, soft sand or harsh conditions. Some of the things you’ll want to consider if you’re looking at a jockey wheel for a small box trailer are:

  • Do you Need a Wheel: Small box trailers aren’t too difficult to move around without a jockey wheel, and for some people, a jockey stand may be more suitable such as the Ark Standard Jockey Stand, which comes in well under $100. That being said, if your box trailer is fully loaded, it may still be a struggle to move around without a wheel, so consider this carefully.
  • Price Point: While the jockey wheel is certainly an important component of your trailer, regardless of how big it is, you probably don’t want or need to go spending hundreds of dollars on a you-beaut jockey wheel that is suitable for any condition. Something along the lines of the Ark Economy Jockey Wheel is around the same price point as a jockey stand, so under the $100 mark and is still rated up to 350kg.

Best Jockey Wheels For Your Caravan

  • Features: Consider the features for what suits your trailer and your needs. Do you need a swivel jockey, or will a fixed one suffice? Would a foldable winding handle be beneficial? Ark’s Standard Range of Jockey Wheels are well priced and comes in a range of options that are bound to suit your needs.  
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Considerations for Large Caravans

We’ve already mentioned that caravans tend to carry larger loads than a box trailer, but another huge consideration is the locations you’ll most likely be camping. Unfortunately, even the best caravan parks can have poor surfaces, especially in poor weather, so taking things like this into consideration is necessary.

  • Off-Road Use: Jockey wheels that are specifically designed for off-road use have a number of benefits that standard jockey wheels don’t, such as sealed bearings, dual wheels and variable yoke locks. The Arx XO Series is the pinnacle of off-road jockey wheels and is an ideal option for any vanner looking to camp in more remote spots. Not only do they have a large 750kg rating, dual wheels and a rust-resistant finish, but their magnetic and removable side-winding handle makes raising and lowering your van easier than ever.
  • Ease of Movement: Moving caravans around can be tricky business, so considering a ratchet jockey wheel is a sensational idea for vanners. These units, such as the Ark Ezi-Mover Ratchet Jockey Wheels, enable a single person to maneuver large caravans into positions that are impossible to reach when the van is attached to a tow vehicle. They’re easily operated by rotating the adjuster knobs and give you four functions: forward, reverse, neutral and stop/lock.

Ark Are The Jockey Wheel Experts

When it comes to towing, whether it’s a small box trailer or a large caravan, Ark are the undisputed experts. They’ve been leaders in trailer parts, towing gear and 4WD accessories for over 40 years, are 100% Australian owned and independent.
Consult the experts at Ark today to find the right Jockey Wheel for your Caravan!