Armidale Free Camp NSW: Bring your Portable Power Supply

By: Date: 14 April 2023

It’s a sad fact that truly great free camps in NSW are becoming more and more rare in the modern day. But the thing is, there are still some absolute crackers out there that you need to experience while you still can! You’ll find one of the absolute best free campsites in NSW along Armidale Road where the mighty Macleay River meets Georges Creek, the appropriately named George’s Junction.

Georges Junction: One of NSW’s Best Free Camps

This sensational campground is found between Kempsey and Armidale in northern NSW along the rough and unsealed Armidale Road. Nestled along the banks of Georges Creek and the Macleay River, stunning mountains surround this open and grassy campsite. In the mornings you’ll be treated to the spectacular sight of the morning sunlight hitting the rock walls of the surrounding mountains while light mist rises from the valley. 

There’s plenty of space at Georges Junction, so you’ll find it easy to stake your campsite claim and make it your own. Because this campsite is a designated Free Camp NSW TSR Camping Area, you can bring along your four-legged friends, and fires are permitted. There’s plenty of opportunity to collect firewood from the surrounding areas too! 

One of the best parts of Georges Junction is the choice you have when it comes to setting up your camp. There’s the Top Area campsite with its open green-grass fields and odd gumtree to provide shade, or there’s the Point Campground which is sheltered by casuarina trees and situated down closer to the water if you prefer to be more sheltered.

The Top Area features bins and well-maintained pit toilets which makes it a favourite spot for families, and because the campsite is on a travelling stock route, there’s a good chance you’ll get to see herds of cattle or horses being moved through the area!

Setting Up Camp

Things to do

One of the things that makes Georges Junction such a perfect spot to free camp is the activities that are on offer.  

1. Kayaking Down the River

For those who like to glide above the water, the Macleay River is the perfect place for you to enjoy some quality time with your kayak or canoe. Indeed, some of the best campsites provide easy access to the water for you to launch from! There’s really something special about exploring the river with its towering rock walls and peaks on either side!

2. Swimming and Water Play

Both Georges Creek and the Macleay River offer plenty of swimming opportunities, and there are a number of safe child-friendly swimming holes. Just remember that this is a truly remote campsite with no phone reception so you’ll want to ensure the tin lids are properly supervised while they swim!

3. Wetting a Line

If you enjoy a spot of freshwater fishing, then you’ll find Georges Junction a treat. The Macleay River is home to the mighty Macleay River Bass – there’s even a nearby Bass Lodge, so you know you’re in for a good shot at landing a beauty!

4. Tackling the 4WD Tracks

If you’re a keen 4WDer, then exploring the tracks around the region will scratch that itch! The 10km long River Drive is a moderately difficult track that features six river crossings of varying difficulty that will see you exploring the banks of the Macleay River. The Track will take you to the spectacular Peach Trees Lookout which will give you some sensational views of the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park.

5. Take it Easy!

Georges Junction offers you the opportunity to do something we all need to do from time to time – Relax! It really is a serene spot that allows you the chance to kick back and take it easy, whether that’s enjoying a chat around the campfire or kicking it back in the shallows of the water with a cold one in hand.

Bring Your Portable Power Supply and take your Free Camping to the Next Level!

Upgrade Your Camping with ARKPAK

We mentioned above that Georges Junction is a truly remote campsite that is hours’ drive from any town and has no mobile phone coverage – let’s be honest, that’s one of the attractions to the place! The thing is, sometimes, you need access to power for a variety of reasons. Maybe you just want a way to keep your food and drinks cold so you can enjoy an extended stay in the wilderness.? Perhaps you want to enjoy some powered creature comforts at camp? Or maybe you need to power a CPAP machine or other medical device?

Regardless of your reason, having a campsite powered by a portable power supply will add a level of comfort to free campsites like Georges Junction that will take your free camping NSW experience to the next level.

One of the best options when it comes to a Portable Power Supply is an ArkPak. While many people choose to install a 12V power setup and second (or third) battery in their 4WD, camper trailer or caravan, an ArkPak features all the benefits of such a system, plus more, while proving to be a properly portable option that’s not fixed to a vehicle or trailer. The ArkPak is the only battery box on the market that has a built-in AC-DC and DC-DC charger as well as an in-built inverter, so it is a truly versatile option.

Bring The Comfort of Home Camping

Here’s a look at just some of the benefits an ArkPak can provide you during your free camping trip to Georges Junction:

1. Keeping the Food and Drinks Cold

Trust us when we say that once you’re at Georges Junction, you’re going to want to stay there for as long as possible! The last thing you want is for your food to spoil or your drinks to get warm, so powering a portable fridge-freezer with an ArkPak will increase the amount of time you’re able to camp off-the-grid at Georges Junction. Couple your ArkPak with a solar system, and you have free power that will last almost indefinitely!

2. Keep the Music Playing and the Camera Batteries charged!

Everyone loves a tune or two at camp, and having a portable power system allows you to keep the music going without the risk of your speaker or music player’s batteries dying. Also, when you come to George’s Junction we guarantee you’ll want to take a snap or two, and an ArkPak will mean you can keep all your camera and phone batteries charged for the duration of your stay!

3. Creature Comforts

For many people, there’s nothing better than relaxing with a cold one at camp and watching a game of sports! An ArkPak means you can bring along a TV and keep it and a satellite receiver powered so you can enjoy the creature comforts of home right at your free campsite!

4. Medical Needs

There are many sufferers of conditions like sleep apnea and asthma who rely on powered medical devices such as CPAP machines and nebulizers to get through the day or night. For these people, free camping can be a little daunting. The beauty of having a portable power setup like an ArkPak is that you can visit remote free camps like Georges Junction with the confidence that your medical needs will be met.

Looking to up your Free Camping Game?

At ARK, we love nothing more than putting out money where our mouths are and experiencing free camps in NSW like Georges Junction for ourselves! We’re camping and off-road enthusiasts just like you who test all of our products, including our popular ArkPaks in real-world settings! We’ve been leaders in trailer parts, towing gear, and 4WD accessories for over 40 years, and are 100% Australian-owned and independent. So you can be sure that when you buy a product from Ark, you’re getting something that has been properly tried and tested in real Aussie conditions!