Ark Pak

By: Date: 10 June 2020

With the modern age we live in there’s no denying just how dependant on technology we are, almost everything we rely on now days out in the bush runs on batteries or electricity. And let’s face it battery life is nowhere as good as it used to be with our gadgets using as much power as they do.

We would be lucky to get a full day out of a mobile phone or GPS and maybe even less out of an action camera we use to capture the memories. And once you add all the other essential 12v accessories like your fridge and camp lights for that weekend away its apparent you’re going to need a decent 12v dual battery system to keep up with it all.

The problem a lot of outdoor fanatic’s face when installing a dual battery system in their vehicles is lack of space under the bonnet to accommodate that 2nd battery. Not to mention the costs of parts and labour to get an auto electrical wizard to make sure it is capable of handling the harsh punishment we put them through.

That’s where ARK’s most advanced battery boxes come into play! A battery charger, portable power station and dual battery system all in one the ARK Pak is the one 12v system no 4wd should be without.

More about Ark Pak

The ArkPak is compatible with all 4WD batteries, including lead acid, calcium, gel, AGM and LiFePO4 of up to 130Ah in size. A time-saving feature is the easy step-by-step guide that takes you through the new battery set-up process.

Once you’ve dropped in your battery, you can get up to three days of continuous 240V power, or up to seven days of 12V power from a 130Ah deep-cycle battery based on the power consumption of a 37L fridge/freezer.

If you’ve got someone in the family who simply won’t leave home without their slice of technology, or the need for medical equipment such as a cpap machine , a built-in 300W inverter which is available in modified sine wave as well as pure sine wave provides 240V power without the need to run an external inverter or additional cabling. Power is delivered through the 240v mains socket, two 12V cigarette lighter ports, a 5V USB connection, external high-current terminals or via the 50A Anderson plug, all of which can be used simultaneously.

As well as being a portable power station, the ArkPak is the only battery box on the market that has a built-in 7A seven-stage AC-DC Smart Charger. It’s designed to regulate the charge to the internal 12V battery throughout its life just by leaving it plugged in at home, so you don’t have to worry about checking the battery every few hours, the ArkPak has a Time Tracker function. It’s essentially an on-board microprocessor that constantly assesses the state of the battery. It tells you both the percentage of battery remaining, and the number of hours until it’s full during charging via an interactive LCD screen.

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Ark Pak features

A great feature for those struggling to find room for a second battery under your bonnet is the DC-DC 12V Car Charge Adaptor that lets you charge up and run your ArkPak via your vehicle’s 12V socket. What this means is you can charge your ArkPak using the 4WD’s alternator just like a conventional dual-battery system. If you’re staying in the one place for a while and don’t want to flatten your starting battery, you can also recharge your ArkPak using the 240V charging adaptor, the Anderson plug, or even via solar panels.

We are firm believers in camping is as comfortable as you make it and with the ArkPak taking care of your 12v accessories as well as keeping the family’s gadgets fully charged those small little creature comforts we have become so reliant on will always be ready to go at a moment’s notice!