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AC & DC Battery Charger

AC & DC Battery Charger (3 in 1 versatility)

Now capable of charging Lithium LiFePO4 batteries

If you wanted to buy a simple battery charger that can charge your 12V battery at home and on the move, then most likely you would need to buy two separate chargers – one AC and one DC or a much more permanently mounted system! So Ark are proud to introduce an intelligent 12V AC & DC battery charger that can charge your 12V battery both at home from AC power (240V) and on the move from your vehicle via its DC 12V accessory (cigarette) socket.

It is lightweight and compact (just 44mm thick and 450g in weight) in size and features an in-built smart charger, as well as a unique Time Tracker LCD battery management system that displays the state of your battery. The battery management system allows the time remaining until fully charged, to be displayed on a large, easy to read LCD screen. It is capable of charging 12 volt main battery types such as AGM, calcium, gel, lead acid and now - LiFePO4. It also acts as a battery monitor / analyser / conditioner when not used as a charger, displaying battery type & size, voltage and percentage of charge remaining.

Mounting brackets, alligator clips and a hard wiring harness for those that want to permanently install it in their vehicle to charge their second battery, are included.

Patent Protected.

Ark's ArkPak AC and DC battery charger amp
  • 7 stage smart charger 

  • 7ah AC and 7ah DC charge rates

  • Charges main battery types / sizes

  • Easy to read Time Tracker LCD screen

  • Ultra slim, Ultra compact

  • Weight: 450g

  • Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 44mm

  • Easily transferable from Vehicle to Home

Additional Features:

ac dc battery charger screen display monitor

Battery Monitor / Analyser

Even when not actively charging, the charger still provides on-going monitoring of your battery – displaying voltage, temperature and % of charge.

ac dc battery charger pull back secure plug

Secure AC/DC Connection

Easy 3-step secure connection:  Simply pull back the plug sleeve, insert, then release. This locks the lead into the charger for a secure fit in all situations – especially on the move

ac dc battery charger interchangeable connector

DC Interchangeable Connection

Allows for a quick and easy interchange between alligator clips or a hard install harness to your 12V battery.

ac dc battery charger brackets

Vehicle Mounting Bracket

The bracket secures the charger in your vehicle, whilst also making it quick & easy to transfer to your home, allowing you to charge your batteries anytime, anywhere.


  • Vehicle mounting bracket

  • Hard wiring harness

  • Alligator clips + 1m lead

  • Interchangeable connector

  • AC Adaptor + 3m lead

  • DC adaptor + 1m lead

7 Stage Smart Charging:

7 stage cycle ac dc battery charger

ac dc battery charger stage 1 charge

Stage 1: Charge

Commences recovery of your battery back to peak voltage. Then charges the battery at 7 amps up to a set voltage, at which point the battery is approximately 90% charge.

ac dc battery stage 2 testing

Stage 2: Testing

Checks the battery capacity and predicts the hours left until fully charged.

ac dc battery charger stage 3 bulk

Stage 3: Bulk

The period just before boost when the volts are constant.

ac dc battery charger stage 4 boost

Stage 4: Boost

Peak charge for maximum performance. Battery is charged for two hours at constant voltage.

ac dc battery stage 5 resting

Stage 5: Resting

Allows the battery to consolidate after boost. The ArkPak ceases charging and allows the battery to rest while allowing voltage to drop to 13.5V.

ac dc battery charger stage 6 float

Stage 6: Float

Maintains performance and prolongs battery life - as your battery is continually monitored and the voltage is maintained at 13.5V. It does this by automatically adjusting charge current for 500 hours.

ac dc battery charger stage 7 re-awaken

Stage 7: Re-awaken

This exercises the battery and avoids sulphation build-up. After 500 hours of conditioning the charger automatically returns to charge cycle.

Part# Packaging
ACDC7 Carton