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ArkPak 715

240V and 12V Portable Power - anytime, anywhere!

Now capable of DC - DC car charging

Specs and features:

• 4 amp AC and 7 amp DC, 7 stage smart charger

• 150 watt inverter

• 240 volt socket

• 2 x 10 amp, 12 volt accessory ports

• 1 x 50 amp Anderson socket

• 1 x 5 volt USB port

• Isolator switch

• 2 x External high current terminals

• Strong carry handles

• Weight: 4.62kg

• External dimensions: 240mm wide x 440mm long x 327mm high

• Internal dimensions: 180mm wide x 330mm long x 238mm high

• Accepts gel, AGM and lead acid battery types

• Suitable for batteries up to 130 amp hour



Appliances Rating Hours
Refrigerator 37L (12V) 30W 170
Television 19" LED (240V) 18W 80
Communications devices (12V) 10W 96
Laptop (240V) 12W 120
Winch 1130kg @ 75% load (12V) 1200W 0.5 (30mins)
Spot light 4600 lumens (12V) 100W 10
LED light 320 lumens (12V) 3.2W 300
Important: Appliance guide is based on the ArkPak being fitted with a 12V 130ah deep cycle battery. Rating and running times are a guide only, dependent on the use and conditions.

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Australian Design Application No. 13185/2010
Australian Trademark Application No. 1448101
Australian Patent Application No. 2010903353
European Design Application No.  001810359
Canadian Patent Application No. 2747585
US Design Application No. 29/384094
US Patent Application No. 13/192245
Japanese Design Application No. 2011-001672

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"I finally get it. That's brilliant" - wife. recently went for a five day camping trip to the south coast of nsw and took the arkpak out of the car to sit next to our engel 40l fridge in the campground. Not having to go back the car for everything was great. I run a 100ah battery in it and it ran without any recharging from wednesday night to sunday night, and the display showed it still had 49% charge remaining. I ran the engel between 4 and 7 degrees and charged the phones a couple of times and a re-chargable LED torch. In short, it was fantastic.